$p$-ADICS.2015, 07-12.09.2015, Belgrade, Serbia

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Vladimir Anashin Quantization causes waves:
Smooth finitely computable functions are affine
  (abstract)   (slides)
Irina Ya. Arefeva $p$-Adic strings at finite temperature   (abstract)  
Vladik Avetisov Ultrametric paradigm in biophysicss   (abstract)  
Erik Bakken Convergence of Measures in a Non-Archimedean Stochastic Setting   (abstract)   (slides)
Alexander Belavin Frobenius manifolds, Integrable structures and Minimal string theory   (abstract)   (slides)
Albert Bikulov $p$-Adic Equation of Diffusion inside the Potential Well    
Patrick Erik Bradley Ultrametricity indices for the Euclidean and Boolean hypercubes   (abstract)   (slides)
Radu Constantinescu Fractional calculus in the optimization and cotrol of nonlinear dynamical systems.    
Ion Cotaescu On the de Sitter Tardyons and Tachyons   (abstract)   (slides)
Trond Digernes Stochastic methods for finite approximations in a non-Archimedean setting   (abstract)   (slides)
Ivan Dimitrijević Nonlocal Modified Gravity   (abstract)   (slides)
Goran S. Djordjević A Review of Tachyonic Inflation on (non-)Archimedean Spaces   (abstract)   (slides)
Vladimir Dobrev Invariant Differential Operators for Non-Compact Lie Groups: an Overview   (abstract)   (slides)
Branko Dragovich and Nataša Ž. Mišić Ultrametricity in the Genetic Code and Bioinformatics   (abstract)  
Branko Dragovich Towards $p$-adic dark matter and p-adic dark energy   (abstract)  
Alain Escassut Growth of an entire function and applications   (abstract)   (slides)
Ai Hua Fan Spectral problem on local fields   (abstract)   (slides)
Shilei Fan Characterization of Compact Open Spectral Sets in $\mathbb{Q}_p$   (abstract)   (slides)
Jelena Grujić Nonlocal Cosmology   (abstract)   (slides)
Shai Haran Non additive geometry   (abstract)  
A. Ilić-Stepić, Z. Ognjanović, N. Ikodinovć, A. Perović A $p$-adic probability logic   (abstract)   (slides)
Hiroshi Kaneko An Orlicz space on ends of tree and superposition of nodewise given Dirichlet forms with tier-linkage   (abstract)   (slides)
Andrei Khrennikov and Ekaterina Yurova Axelsson Generalization of Hensel's lemma: finding the roots of $p$-adic Lipschitz functions   (abstract)   (slides)
Anatoly Kochubei Non-Archimedean Operator Algebras   (abstract)   (slides)
Alexey Koshelev From $p$-adic strings to renormalizable ghost-free gravity   (abstract)   (slides)
Sergei Kozyrev $p$-Adic numbers and complex systems   (abstract)   (slides)
Michel Lapidus Complex dimensions and fractal tube formulas for $p$-adic fractal strings.    
Nickolay Leonov Title of the Talk: Some relations between general metrics and ultrametrics   (abstract)   (slides)
Lingmin Liao Dynamics of rational maps on the projective line of the field of $p$-adic numbers   (abstract)   (slides)
Yuri I. Manin Painlevé VI equations in p-adic time (joint with A. Buium)   (abstract)   (slides)
Moukadas Missarov Dynamical properties of renormalization group flow in projective space representation   (abstract)   (slides)
Alexey Morozov Are there $p$-adic knot invariants   (paper)  
F. Murtagh and P. Contreras Constant Time Search and Retrieval in Big Data, with Linear Time and Space Preprocessing, through Randomly Projected Piling and Sparse Ultrametric Coding   (abstract)   (slides)
Enno Nagel The Fourier Basis of $p$-adic Differentiable Functions   (abstract)   (slides)
Sergei Nechaev Native ultrametricity of sparse random systems   (abstract)   (slides)
Vladimir Osipov Ultrametric arrangement of symbolic sequences   (abstract)  
Aliaksandr Radyna Solving Hierarchical Diffusion Equation Using Some Matrix Algebra   (abstract)   (slides)
Yauhen Radyna Sobolev type complex-valued functions on $p$-adic fields and metric spaces   (abstract)  
Zoran Rakić Path Integrals for Quadratic Lagrangians on $p$-Adic and Adelic Spaces   (abstract)  
Branislav Sazdović T-duality in string theory   (abstract)   (slides)
Andrew Schumann $p$-Adic Mathematics in Behavioural Models. The Case of Physarum Polycephalum   (abstract)   (slides)
George Shabat On the elliptic time in the Newton-Kepler adelic dynamic   (abstract)   (slides)
Khodr Shamseddine Characterization of Compact and Self-adjoint Operators, and Study of Positive Operators on a Banach Space over the Complex Levi-Civita Field   (abstract)   (slides)
Yurii Sitenko Self-adjointness, confinement and the Casimir effect     (slides)
Paul Sorba A theoretical approach for the genetic code   (abstract)   (slides)
Livat B. Tyapaev Discrete Dynamical Systems and Automata   (abstract)   (slides)
Mihai Visinescu Complete integrability of geodesic motion in Sasaki-Einstein toric $Y^{p,q}$ spaces   (abstract)   (slides)
Igor Volovich Cosmological singularity and $p$-adic analysis   (abstract)   (slides)
Apostolos Vourdas Harmonic analysis on rational numbers    
Dumitru Vulcanov Geodesic movement of particles in gravitational fields : from symbolic computation to numerical simulations   (abstract)  
David Weisbart Elementary Particles in Non-Archimedian Spacetime   (abstract)  
Ekaterina Yurova Axelsson On the evolution of the genetic codes, represented as attractors of 2-adic functions   (abstract)   (slides)
Evgeny I. Zelenov Non-Archimedean quantum chanels   (abstract)   (slides)
Tahar Zerzaihi Meromorphic solutions of some $q$-difference equations in $p$-adic fields   (abstract)   (slides)
Wilson A. Zúñiga-Galindo Non-Archimedean White Noise, Massive Euclidean Fields, and Schwinger Functions   (abstract)   (slides)